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Photo services

Our experienced professional photographers will provide all the conditions necessary for the organization of a photoshoot in the Czech Republic, help with the selection of optimal locations, colorful locations with views of the country’s attractions, which are in the best way suitable for photography. With a reliable photographer it is easy to organize different photosets such as wedding photography, love story, a group or a single portrait photo shoot, photoshoot story, sequential shooting events with further photo reports of the work done in the form of printed photos or photo albums.

Photographers services

The prices for the services of a photographer in Prague starts at 2500 CZK per hour of photography. For convenience, you can order the service in advance. This is especially applicable for tourists coming to the Czech Republic for a few days. For high-quality photography we use the most modern equipment, medium- and full-format cameras, fixed lenses, high-resolution 4K video camera. Photographing in the studio is conducted using pulsed light sources from worlds best producer Broncolor, in a variety of creative decorations or quality a photography backgrounds.

Kč per hour
Main services
  • Individual, group or family portrait photography
  • Wedding photo shoot or love story in the studio or in the open air.
  • Themed, creative or staged photo shoot.
  • Portfolio for creative professionals – actors, models, musicians, etc.
  • Outdoor photo shoot in locations of the major sights of Prague and the Czech Republic.
  • Computer processing, professional photo retouching using special filters and effects.
  • Printing of ready photos, uploading them onto electronic devices.
  • Album decoration for honeymooners, lovers and couples.

Prices for the services of a photographer in the Czech Republic include transfer to the designated shooting location, if necessary, the organization of a ” mobile studio.” In case a large amount of equipment is required, the price may be adjusted from the base hourly fee of 1900 CZK. Printing of your photos and processing is carried out under a separate tariff.

Photographer services for tourists

The main problem for tourists in the Czech Republic is the search for a photographer who speaks Russian. A professional studio is ready to provide services of a Russian-speaking photographer in order to organize group or individual photo sessions. To your service – arrival of the photographer in the designated place, advice on the use of the best locations for the purpose of professional photography in historic sites of Prague. For companies and businesses we offer photography of celebrations, receptions and partner visits.

Using the services of our photographers, you can come return home with unforgettable photographs, and filled with positive emotions from visiting the most beautiful city in the world. Extend your moments of joy.

Services of a photographer in Prague mean professional support in the matter of quality of photography, on your terms and at reasonable prices. The price for photographer’s services refers to the volume of work, additional services can be provided on request. A photographer in the Czech Republic is a professional, always ready to help in organizing a colorful and memorable photo shoot.

Photo services

Portrait photoshoot
Object shooting